Svenska IT-säkerhetshandboken 1.0

Idag var det boklanseringsparty på Labcenter. Svenska IT-säkerhetshandboken 1.0 har släppts.

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Next stop Linköping

Today me, Aleksandra and Pernilla visisted Agnes, Magnus and Angelica in Linköping. Agnes and Angelica met us at the train station and we almost immediately went to Bosses Glassbar to have ice cream 😉

Bosses Glass

Bosses Glass

Aleks outside the Linköping Cathedral

Angelica is in a hurry to get lunch :)

Belvederen, where we had lunch

Angelica is hiding from the sun

Porto Katsiki

On Thursday, our first day with the rental cal, we went here – to Porto Katsiki. It’s a wonderful beach in the southwest part of the island. It’s not a sand beach, it has small round stones. But I like that, I don’t like getting sand everywhere 🙂

Porto Katsiki

U2 at Ullevi

Yesterday (August 1st), we saw U2 at Ullevi Stadium in Gothenburg. Since we knew that we wouldn’t be able to bring our photo equipment to the concert, we took a walk outside the arena the night before, when U2 played their first Gothenburg concert.

Ullevi 1

Here’s “the claw” seen from outside the arena. It is the largest stage ever constructed for a tour like this. Apparently they have three of them touring – one is being used, one is being build for the next event and the third one is transported somewhere else 🙂

Ullevi 2

A young boy is looking at the…

Ullevi 3

…overpriced t-shirts 😉

Ullevi 4

I can recommend the music ear plugs. They were really good, they didn’t affect the music experience.

Ullevi 5