Christmas in Nairobi

So it’s Christmas again… It’s hard to get the “usual” Xmas feeling with 28 degrees and burning sun 🙂

What has happened since my last report? Well, the major thing is that we have moved – again. The previous place was really good, but it didn’t have any green area, no grass anywhere, and far from any park. This was the main reason that we decided to move. We have found a small guest house in Runda, which is really close to my work, and we have access to a huge garden – perfect for Love (and Aleksandra).

Ruaka Road

And – we have bought another car. Since we realized that our first one, the RAV4 would be kind of small to drive around in with guests and relatives visiting, we decided to upgrade. We chose the model everyone seems to have here – the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado. It’s the same age as the RAV4, but it’s in good condition (according to “our” mechanic), it just needed new tyres and new brake pads. Those things are being taken care of as I write and we will hopefully get the car later this afternoon.

Toyota Prado

Aleksandra’s parents arrived on Dec 21 and will stay for a while. First we will celebrate Christmas and do some shorter safaris next week, maybe to Karen and Naivasha. After New Year’s we will do a longer trip – more about that later 🙂

The Adrich family

Merry Christmas to all our friends and family!!