U2 at Ullevi

Yesterday (August 1st), we saw U2 at Ullevi Stadium in Gothenburg. Since we knew that we wouldn’t be able to bring our photo equipment to the concert, we took a walk outside the arena the night before, when U2 played their first Gothenburg concert.

Ullevi 1

Here’s “the claw” seen from outside the arena. It is the largest stage ever constructed for a tour like this. Apparently they have three of them touring – one is being used, one is being build for the next event and the third one is transported somewhere else 🙂

Ullevi 2

A young boy is looking at the…

Ullevi 3

…overpriced t-shirts 😉

Ullevi 4

I can recommend the music ear plugs. They were really good, they didn’t affect the music experience.

Ullevi 5