Waze Map Editor suggestions

I have started helping with the editing of the Waze map for Nairobi, since I use the great Waze app daily to help me navigating through the crazy traffic in this town…

I find the map editing tool quite simple, but I would like to see some improvements. It’s mostly about space usage on the page when editing the map. First – the top part is taking to much space. The part with the Waze logo, Live Map, My Dashboard etc links could easily occupy just half that height. The editing toolbar as well, make the icons smaller to just half of the current height. These changes would give much more space for the actual map.

And – when clicking on a reported problem, that information is “on top of” the map… move this to the left column somewhere (see picture below).

This would make the map editing job much easier, since you would see more of the map at the same time. Thanks.

Waze Map Editor