Nairobi National Park

Dear blog,

Sorry I haven’t written in a while. It has been busy at work and we haven’t done very much exciting stuff during the weekends. However, this week we got our residence permits, so now we pay resident fees when entering parks etc. Today Sunday we visited Nairobi National Park, just south of Nbi. In the morning it was raining but in the park you spend most of the time inside the car anyway, so it was OK.

Rainy morning in Nairobi National Park

The first thing we saw when we had entered the park was some kind of antelope, but the pictures didn’t turn out that great. After that we saw this beautiful bird (below) in a tree. However, this picture is taken in the afternoon, when the weather was better. The bird sat in exactly the same place – it’s probably “his” branch!

Bird in Nairobi National Park

Breakfast in the car

We stopped at Mokoyiet Picnic Site to have breakfast. There were some tables and benches with a roof – “perfect” we thought since it was raining. I had heard the warnings about baboons in the park, but somehow I forgot about it, maybe because I was hungry. I went outside and opened  the back door to help Love get out, and Aleksandra opened her door. After just a few seconds I saw a big, furry thing outside Aleksandra’s door… I yelled something like “There is something outside your door!” and Aleksandra screamed and closed her door very quickly 🙂 I also jumped back in the car and we saw this big baboon walking around the car looking for a way to get to our breakfast sandwiches 😉 He didn’t succeed since we stayed in the car! But while we ate our breakfast we saw another car/minibus with one of those open roofs that had a visitor inside 😉 After breakfast and some more driving looking at animals, we came to Hippo Pools. We really wanted to follow the walking trails and hopefully see some hippos, but it was raining too much. We waited under a roof together with two park guards and some animal craniums for a while before we gave up.

A hippo cranium

Aleksandra and Love at Leopard Cliff

After a few more hours it was time for lunch. We found a baboon free place – Mbuli Picnic Site – and decided to stop there. That was a wise decision, since we got to have lunch together with some giraffes!

Mbuli Picnic Site

Our lunch company – five giraffes

Love with a happy face

Love trying to make a sad face 🙂

Qatar Airways was passing by…

After lunch we continued our search for rhinos and lions, but we couldn’t find any of those 🙁 But we did see a lot of other animals – zebras, antelopes, impala bucks…


Someone who can identify this one?

Homo sapiens

The signs and directions are very good in the NP, much better than Kenya in general

On our way out of the park

It was a great day! Next time we really hope to see rhino and lion too! See all the pictures on Flickr.