Mikros Gialos

On our last day with the rental car, we wanted to see some more of the south-east part of the island. Around lunch time we came to the beautiful small village Mikros Gialos.

Mikros Gialos beach

We had lunch at a really nice restaurant, which we can really recommend to everyone who visits Mikros Gialos. It’s called Zolithros Taverna. They had a lot of fresh fish to choose from and the staff was very nice!


Zolithros staff


Lefkada is the capital of the island Lefkada. This is where we ended our Friday car trip. We made a photo walk before having a nice seafood dinner near the marina.

Aleks with her camera


Dinner in Lefkada

Aleks and violinist


The small village Karia

Friday last week was our second day with the rental car. We decided to see some of the inner parts of the island, so we went to the small village Karia. We had a long, nice lunch on the village square before continuing to the west part of the island. Here’s some pictures from Karia.

Church in Karia

Village lamp

Church window

Locally produced dolls

Porto Katsiki

On Thursday, our first day with the rental cal, we went here – to Porto Katsiki. It’s a wonderful beach in the southwest part of the island. It’s not a sand beach, it has small round stones. But I like that, I don’t like getting sand everywhere 🙂

Porto Katsiki

A wonderful day in Greece!

Today we had a great day on the road. We’ve seen a lot and had a lot of fun taking many pictures. The connection here is still slow, so only two pictures are published today. These ones are taken in Lefkada where we spent the late afternoon and the evening. More when we get back home.

Boat in Lefkada

Boat in Lefkada

Greetings from Lefkada, Greece

We are now on vacation in Greece, on the beautiful island Lefkada. Due to very slow internet connection in the hotel lobby, I will probably wait with posting more pictures until we get back home. But here’s a pictures of one of the hotel pools.

The pool