Christmas 2009

More Tallinn pictures

Here’s some more pics from Tallinn. Finally.


Aleks in Tallinn



Aleks in Tallinn

Next stop Linköping

Today me, Aleksandra and Pernilla visisted Agnes, Magnus and Angelica in Linköping. Agnes and Angelica met us at the train station and we almost immediately went to Bosses Glassbar to have ice cream 😉

Bosses Glass

Bosses Glass

Aleks outside the Linköping Cathedral

Angelica is in a hurry to get lunch :)

Belvederen, where we had lunch

Angelica is hiding from the sun


Lefkada is the capital of the island Lefkada. This is where we ended our Friday car trip. We made a photo walk before having a nice seafood dinner near the marina.

Aleks with her camera


Dinner in Lefkada

Aleks and violinist


Flower Mania

Yesterday, before the U2 concert, we went to the Gothenburg Botanical Garden to watch some plants and flowers (and take pictures of them of course 😉 )

I’m not sure how many flower pictures one is “allowed” to publish in one blog post, but here’s a few 😉 You can find a few more in the Fotonerna blog.

Botaniska Trädgården 1

Botaniska Trädgården 2

Botaniska Trädgården 3

Botaniska Trädgården 4

Botaniska Trädgården 5

Botaniska Trädgården 6

It’s a good thing that both of us really like taking macro shots of flowers 🙂

Botaniska Trädgården 7


After Fjällbacka, we continued to Smögen, where we spent one night. It was very cold and windy there, so we didn’t take a lot of pictures. But we had a great dinner at Smögens Havsbad and then we stayed at Smögen Gästgifveri.

Smögen 1

Smögen 2

Smögen 3

Nikon wife

Aleksandra taking pictures in the Skee garden.

Aleks taking pictures


Before going back home to Skee, we looked at the petroglyphs in Vitlycke and Fossum – very interesting.




Halden / Götheborg

Idag blev det en tur upp till Halden i Norge. Ostindiefararen Götheborg har lagt till där.
Today we made a trip to Halden, Norway. The Ship Götheborg is staying there right now.




Some other boat...

Sedan åkte vi upp och tittade på Fredrikstens fästning.
After that we looked at the Fredriksten fortress.



På väg hem blev det en fotosession på gamla Svinesundsbron.
On our way home we stopped on the old Svinesund bridge for a photo session.



Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk 2009


flagse[1] Idag var vi riktigt morgonpigga! 02.20 ringde väckarklockan och kl 03.04 gick nattbussen in mot city. Vi skulle nämligen möta upp de andra som skulle delta i dagens Worldwide Photo Walk. Vi startade vid Grand Hotel klockan 04, gick ut på Skeppsholmen och vände, gick längs Skeppsbron och avslutade med fika på Monteliusvägen kl 06. Några fler bilder finns i Fotonernas blogg –
flagus[1] Today we were real early birds, we got up at 2.20AM to be able to catch the bus into town at 3AM. Outside Grand Hotel we met about 30 other photographers and we started the Worldwide Photo Walk 2009.

Morgonpigg fru :)

Kolla tiden!

En glad morgonbadare


Stockholm (klicka för att se bilden i större format)




Blå dörren